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Waxed Canvas

What is waxed canvas?
Waxed canvas (also known as 'oilskin') is a tightly woven, cotton fabric that is known for its water resistance and durability. While the terms tend to be used interchangeably, 'oilskin' is technically made from a waxed cotton fabric other than canvas.

It originated centuries ago when sailors realized that their sales caught the wind better when they were wet. They began rubbing the sailcloth with linseed oil, and eventually, the cut-offs and used sails were used to make waterproof clothing for the sailors. It was the original method of waterproofing fabric and it is still popular today for bags, jackets, tents and more.

The method with which waxed canvas is produced has changed somewhat over the years. Today, rather than rubbing linseed oil onto the fabric, the fabric is woven with the wax or oil already embedded into the fibers. Throughout the years, its popularity has grown and its application has increased. The unique appearance, durability, and water resistance of this versatile fabric has made it extremely popular for bags, tents, jackets and more.

Waxed Canvas Goods
At Cottonwood Co., we chose waxed canvas as our go-to fabric for bags, aprons, tool rolls and more. When considering different materials, we looked at several key attributes: durability, appearance, ease of use and availability. For our products, waxed canvas was an easy choice and we have since fallen in love with it. Nothing else looks or behaves quite like it. Over time, a waxed canvas product develops a unique patina and takes on the appearance of soft, worn leather. The crease lines tell the story of its use and give each piece a one-of-a-kind appearance. It is perfectly complimented by leather, denim, canvas and other natural-fiber materials and we never run out of new combinations to try.

When sourcing our material, we chose Martexin Original Wax Waxed Canvas. It has been made in the US since 1930 and has extremely high standards for quality. The majority of our bags, aprons, tool rolls and journal covers are made with waxed canvas and we can feel confident that they will last for years to come.

Waxed Canvas by Cottonwood

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