Decorating your Mansfield Cabinet

Looking for an interesting and eye-catching way to decorate your Mansfield Cabinet or Shelf Set?  Read below for some tips from our customers!

TIP: When choosing your colors, give some thought to what you plan on displaying. Keep in mind that the darker the back wall slats, the more difficult it will be to see the items displayed.


spice jars
Matching Spice Jars
 The spice cabinet is the most common use for the Mansfield Cabinets. It is the
right size and looks amazing when filled with matching, glass spice jars.

TIP: You can print your own spice jar labels or purchase a pre-made set, or even make your own with this simple DIY using chalkboard paint and masking tape, for an organized, uniform look. 

The Mansfield Shelf Set is also an excellent choice for spices.


kitchen storage
General Kitchen Storage

For many of us, the kitchen never seems to have quite enough storage space. The Mansfield Cabinet is just the right size for Mason jars, those decorative salt & pepper shakers sitting in the back of your cabinet, propagating fresh herbs and rolled cloth napkins.  It is a wonderful solution for small items that you'd like to display but have no real spot for.

TIP: When filling your cabinet, try organizing by size and color. Place larger items, like canned goods in Mason jars on the ends, while smaller pieces like essential oils and salt and pepper shakers in the center.  For a personalized touch, I like adding a sentimental item or two, such as an old, pocket size photograph or a seashell from a vacation. The juxtaposition between the utility and the sentimental breathes the feeling of life and home into it. 


memory cabinet
The Memory Cabinet -Personal Knick-knacks and Bric-a-brac

Want to add a personal, distinctive touch to your home?  Create a Memory Cabinet! The Mansfield Cabinet is the perfect way to display those salt and pepper shakers from your grandmother's kitchen, that piece of sea glass from last summer, or those vintage glass bottles we all love but have no real purpose.  We all have items like these that we keep around just for their sentimental value: souvenirs, knick-knacks from childhood, grandfather's pocket knife or watch.  For many of us, they sit in a box in the closet, but displaying items like these give your kitchen or home a unique, personal feel. Personally, I enjoy seeing these items every day! 

TIP: Just keep in mind, that when using your cabinet to display doo-dads, knick-knacks, and bric-a-brac, it is easy to clutter it up, making it less-than-appealing.  We are not looking to make it feel perfectly organized, we also do not want it to look cluttered or thrown together without any thought. It should evoke a warm, homey feeling, meaning that it was assembled with care.  To achieve this appearance, try organizing the items by color and/or size. Place larger items (taller bottles, large souvenirs) toward the ends of the shelves, with smaller items in the center. If you have a number of very small items, such as buttons or coins, put them in a vintage Mason jar. Personally, I like the old style with the glass lid and wire closure. You usually find these at antique shops or occasionally at thrift stores.

Utilizing color can also keep things looking organized. For example, if you have green glass bottles and a green stone broach, group them together. 

It can also help to group the items by origin or purpose. For example, if you have several items from your grandparents, such as an old pocket watch, a broach, and a pocketknife, they will look nice together, while a piece of sea glass, a fossil and a pressed flower go well. 

Remember also, to utilize the depth of the cabinet. Don't just line each item up against the back wall. By placing smaller items in front of larger ones, it gives it a feeling of depth and fullness. For example, lean an old photo or prayer card against a vintage glass bottle, or lay an old watch in front of a tall, pressed flower. 

 There are no real rules for the Memory Cabinet- just have fun with it and it will be a peek down memory lane each time you see it. 


bathroom storage
Bathroom Storage

The Mansfield Cabinet is also a lovely addition to any bathroom. It looks great with toiletries, fancy soaps, nail polish, and rolled washcloths, while also providing storage space.  Available in your choice of colors, styles, and sizes, it will fit any bathroom or color scheme. 

TIP: Many toiletries and bathroom items come in plastic bottles and do not look as attractive as we may like.  Switching them out for glass bottles with corks or stoppers will give your cabinet a high end, traditional look. For items such as cotton balls and Q-tips, try using apothecary jars like these or even Mason jars, which fit nicely in the Mansfield Cabinet.
Try making your own labels to give them a uniform, organized look.  Simple, printable Avery Labels are an easy and affordable choice. Purchase the size and shape you want and use this page to create attractive labels for all of your jars. You can design your own or use one of their premade templates.


essential oil storage
Essential Oils
Another popular use for the Mansfield Cabinet is essential oils. Anyone who collects them understands the need for a storage solution that keeps them organized and conveniently at hand. 


craft room storage
Craft Room
The Mansfield Cabinet is the perfect addition to any sewing or craft room.  Makers of all kinds understand that there is never quite enough storage space and wall storage is a necessity. In my sewing room, I use a Mansfield Cabinet for the more attractive items I like to display.  Vintage thread spools, Mason jars full of buttons, fabric wax tins, thimbles and old bottles - basically any small items that need a home! 
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