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article page

 In the historic sense, the word "farmhouse" was never meant to describe a design style. There were no particular architects or designers or industrial breakthroughs to spark a new artistic movement. In fact, during the 1800s and into the early 1900s, most farmhouses were built by their respective owners in the rural areas where they lived, using whatever materials that were available because hiring an architect was not affordable. These homes were never built or designed with the intention to impress its guests, they were only meant to serve their purpose, the more practical the better. Designs were very straightforward, square, and easy to recreate.  
 As years progressed beyond the Great Depression, building materials, running water and electricity became more accessible in the rural areas where farmhouses were being built. A new era of the American farmhouse emerged, complete with indoor plumbing, electric stoves and lighting. The addition of these indoor luxuries, paired with the abundant use of natural materials was the perfect blend that created the warm, cozy charm that is the American farmhouse style.